About Us

The Computers for Schools program in Newfoundland and Labrador (CFS-NL) began operation in 1993 with volunteers from the Telecom Pioneers providing all labour and logistical support. Since that time, the program has expanded significantly. In 1999, CFS-NL was incorporated under provincial legislation as a separate non-profit corporation with the official name Provincial Information Equipment Recycling and Refurbishing Enterprises Inc., abbreviated as PIERRE.  In that same year, we also became a Registered Charity under the laws of Canada under the same name.

As a non-profit corporation, we are governed by our Board of Directors:

Position Name Company
Chair Allan Miller Bell Aliant Pioneers
Vice-Chair George Tucker Newfoundland and Labrador Teachers’ Association
Director Craig Butt ESDNL
Director Paul Foote Government of Newfoundland and Labrador
Director Wallace Gregory
Director Darlene Johnson NLTA
Director Devonne Ryan
Director Keith Sweetland NLPL
Director Rod Zdebiak Stewart, McKelvey

Industry Canada is the main funding partner of CFS-NL. Our annual contribution agreements with Industry Canada provide core funding to support basic operational costs. CFS-NL also receives extensive support from Aliant Pioneers, Department of Education, Bell Aliant, Newfoundland and Labrador English School District, and many other public and private corporate entities.

Our organization’s activities affect many people here in Newfoundland and Labrador:

  • Learners are provided with increased access to technology;
  • Young people are given quality work experience; and
  • Citizens who are concerned with e-waste in landfills know that Computers for Schools will responsibly reuse or recycle their computers.

So how are we doing?

  • To date, CFS-NL has distributed nearly 50,000 computers to schools, non-profits, and libraries in Newfoundland and Labrador. In the 2016 calendar year, we distributed more than 3,000 computers.
  • Since 1999, CFS-NL has provided in excess of 155,000 hours of training to nearly 200 young students and graduates across Newfoundland and Labrador under TWEP (Technical Work Experience Program), Canada Summer Jobs Program, and SWASP.
  • Since 2005 we have disposed of more than 2 million pounds of electronic waste just from schools in NL at Environment Canada certified recyclers in Ontario and Quebec. None of it ended up in our province’s landfills.